We have been chosen as the preferred testing lab for a number of Associations and Clubs.


New test available
SMA testing for Maine Coon Cats $50 AUD ($50 AUD is approximately $32 USD / 25 EUR).

We offer a 10% discount on all tests for Clubs and Associations registered with us.


See our Cat sites for a list of registered Clubs and Associations

You can order more swabs at any time using the form below.

When tests are ordered the cost of the swabs will be deducted from the total. Swabs are free when ordered in conjunction with tests.
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order at least 1 swab per animal.

Please check the "Fee Schedule" page to make sure that we offer the test you are ordering swabs for.

Parentage Verification
DNA Banking
DNA Profiling
Collection Proceudure

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PKD Disease Testing
Chocolate Cinnamon
Parentage verification
DNA storage ...

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